Driving on the long and winding road, upset after a hard break up; Hottie #1 tries to clear her head. Her knight in shining armor comes to the rescue… or is he there for some other intentions?… Twerking possibly.

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Digitally Remastered!….. Not!

In an underground world of 4-Square, two players meet in the square of doom. Two men enter, one man leave. Only one person will be named King. Who will it be?

We made this video years ago as a promo for a 4-square event that we were hosting. This was to pump the world up and to come. Needless to say, we had a fair amount of people. Which was better than other events hosted. 

Four Square is one of the best sports out there, we are believers in the players. If you haven’t played yet, then it really sucks to be you right now. Also, we do acknowledge the fact that we used comic sans font in the trailer….. stop judging us.


A 40 minute Where’s Waldo movie. Made without a script or a direction. Just a couple of dudes with an ipod and nothing better to do. But it sure was a blast to film, we even traveled down to Las Vegas for some footage. 

The Scorpion!! 

This is just a full little thing i do with my friends. I think they love it more than world peace. 

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The best place for awesome and awkward entertainment

Yes…. yes i know. Another Harlem Shake. Is it wrong that i made this video just to market people to my YouTube channel to check out my other videos? Probably :D So check them out http://www.youtube.com/user/parkcitypictures1?feature=mhee

This is an emo poem. It gets kind of dark…. too dark that we had to change the ending haha :p